Firm of the Year, Studio RED Architects by Video for Business

November 19, 2015 in Case Studies

Firm of the Year video from Studio RED Architects by Video For Business on Vimeo. In 2004, four like-minded architects founded Studio RED Architects because they wanted to create a different kind of firm. They wanted it to be different for their clients, staff, and all those involved. They wanted to showcase their passion for their craft […]

Law Firm Business Profile Video for Joiner Law Firm

November 19, 2015 in Case Studies

Joiner Law Firm business profile video from Video For Business on Vimeo. Jaime Joiner, founder & managing member of Joiner Law Firm, is an expert in international trade controls. Joiner Law Firm helps companies navigate the very complex laws and regulations about imports and exports. These laws can be difficult to understand. Some people don’t take […]

Featured Event Video from Abby’s Catering

November 19, 2015 in Case Studies

Abby’s Catering featured event video from Video For Business on Vimeo. Abby’s Catering is a second-generation hospitality company in Houston, Texas. Abby’s Catering provides people aboard chartered, corporate and private executive planes with a quality dining experience. Also, Abby’s provides food service management for corporate and institutional restaurants throughout the southwest. They also cater many events […]


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