Options for Video Distribution- Online and Offline


Options for Video Distribution Online and Offline


How will you use your new video in this digital age?

When you order an affordable, high quality video from Video For Business, you decide how and where you would like it published.
Let us know how you plan to use your video, and we’ll make sure to send you the correct format.

Not sure what you’d like to do? View some options below and contact us for a consultation:

What You Can Do With Video

  • Upload to Youtube
  • Upload to Vimeo
  • Upload to Facebook
  • Upload to Google +
  • Upload to Business Directories
  • Embedded on your website
  • Use on Google Ads
  • Trade show exhibits
  • In-store video displays
  • Meeting or sales presentations
  • Embedded into pdfs
  • Tangible project submittals
  • Use on Facebook Ads