Adminisphere Full– orchestral, adventure, grand, medium
Enterprize Zone – pop, lite, guitar, uplifting, medium
Hidden Value – orchestral, inspirational, uplifting, motivational, slow
In The Spotlight – fresh, catchy, fun, inspirational
Just Do It – pop, motivational, piano, inspirational, medium
Warm Hope – positive, acoustic guitar
Happy Corporate – warm, inspiring
Motivational – background, confident
Uplifting Corporate – strings, modern


Again – distortion, guitars, dynamic, energy
Bridge – climatic, inspirational, moving, heartfelt
Delta – carefree, tantalizing, stimulating, moderate, fast
Innovation – electronic, contemporary, synth, stimulating
Insinuations – upbeat, jovial, building, medium
Willful Steps – dominating, powerful, thoughtful, carefree

Top Forty

How Will I Tell – modern, acoustic, intense, big
Saturday – fresh, inspirational, steady, positive
Under The Cypress – romantic, contemporary, subtle, peaceful
Beautiful Guitar – motivational, Intriguing, up-beat
Corporate Motivation – happy, brisk, fun
Electronic – guitar, stimulating, kinetic, medium


A Beautiful Journey – lite, positive, dreamy
Acousticon – brisk, fresh, modest, lite
Ballad with Friends – moderate, melodic, transitional
Happy Gardening – brisk, fresh, calm, jovial
Northbound – moderate, dynamic, festive, energetic
Travelin – rhythmic, sentimental, jovial , medium
Breeze – ambitious, confident, up-beat
Feeling Happy – piano, restful, tranquil, slow
Feeling Great – peaceful, acoustic, inspirational, medium
Weekend Fun – guitar, stimulating, kinetic, medium
Good Times – ambitious, confident, up-beat
Walking into Spring Time – restful, tranquil, slow


Afternoon Drive – motivational, Intriguing, synth, medium
Break Through – happy, brisk, fun, jovial
Bright New Day – Piano, Stimulating, kinetic, medium
Flight Plan – ambitious, confident, guitar, medium
Floating – piano, restful, tranquil, slow
Transcend 30 – peaceful, acoustic, inspirational, medium
Be Yourself – motivational, Intriguing, medium
Absolutely Uplifting – happy, brisk, fun, jovial
Daybreak – guitar, stimulating, kinetic, medium
Determination – ambitious, confident, up-beat