ANDY M. – (younger, warm, passionate, high-energy as well)
BILL LE. – (warm, friendly, authoritative)
BILL LO. – (deep, smooth, warm)
BILLY R. – (AF/AM – deep, cool, edgy)
BRIAN G.  – relaxed, confident engaging
COLIN F. – (British, warm, sincere)
CRAIG F. – (youthful, timeless, distinct)
FRED N. – (baritone, smooth, conversational or hard-edge)
JEFF S. – (clean, strong, polished)
JERRY L. – (rich, deep, confident)
MARK H.– (hip, warm, trusting)
MIKE R. – (calm, assuring, authoritative)
RON S. – (warm, storyteller)
SCOTT G. – (young, energetic) 
SCOTT M. – (gen X sound, mid 20’s to late 30’s)
SCOTT S. – (young, believable, guy next door)
TONY I. – (friendly, warm, upbeat)


AMY R. – (warm, sexy, inviting, serious)
BROOKE F. – (emotive, sweet conversational)
CAROLE V. – (BRIT FEMALE – clear, precise)
CARRIE L. – (girl next door, hip, inviting)
DANIELLE F. – (upbeat, professional, soothing)
DEBRA M. – (youthful, energetic, conversational, sexy)
ELIZABETH S.– (natural, approachable, knowledgeable)
IRENE Z. – (mature, mid range, characters, warm & fuzzy)
JAMEE P. – (trustworthy, great range and inflection)
KATHY C. – (informative, sincere, conversational)
LIZ S. – (friendly, helpful, warm, confident)
MAGGI M. – (upbeat, fresh)
RACHEL A. – (mom, young adult, friendly, professional)
SHAUNDRIA C. – (AF/AM – corporate, sultry, urban)
SUSAN S. – (AF/AM, authoritative, sexy, fun)
TAMMY M. – (warm, relatable mom, friendly)
TINA L. – (lighthearted, quirky, engaging)
TONIA K. – (natural and strong)