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Case Study: Company Introduction Video from Infinia Coatings by Video for Business

November 4, 2016 in Case Studies

A company introduction video from Infinia Coatings by Video For Business on Vimeo.

If you recently purchased a pool and still need something to make it just right, then Infinia Coatings is the place look! Infinia Coatings features a different kind of pool finish made out of plaster-alternatives and fiberglass. These materials are not only eco-friendly but stylish as well! These pool finishes were designed to last longer by preventing chips and peels. Serving the Long Island, New York area, Infinia Coatings offers pool finishes in a variety of colors that leave your pool looking and working it’s best!

Video for Business produced a company introduction video for Infinia Coatings to introduce them to the world.

In this video, we feature Infinia’s branded graphics, snapshots of some of the pools they have worked on, and professional narration. All of these show the quality of the pool finishes found at Infinia Coatings. All of these things combined create a a great picture of their company. It compels viewers to take action through a clear call-to-action at the end of the video.

Videos will help improve the search engine optimization of your website. Search engines prefer well-placed videos on websites over sites that have endless amounts of copy. Too much copy will end up putting most visitors to sleep. Furthermore, videos allow you to use longer keyword phrases and to tag people to grow your reach. If people spend more time watching your videos, there is a good chance that your search engine ranking will go up!  

Watch the video to see how Infinia Coatings transforms pools with alternative pool finishes! Interested in a company introduction video? Or other video production services for your business? Learn more about video marketing in our blog! We update our blog with new topics every week!