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Case Study: Optimize Videos for Search Engines: Here are Four Tips

December 21, 2016 in Marketing

Let’s talk today about how to optimize videos for search engines and why you need to do this!

Picture this: you’ve got the perfect video for your potential customers, it’s been shot and edited and uploaded to your website and social media sites, but you’re still not seeing any leads generated from it. You think to yourself, “Why don’t people love this video? I did everything right in production!” Well, maybe you did, but it could be that you left out one critical element: search engine optimization.

What the heck is SEO anyway? Well, in a simple sense, it’s making your content easily searchable by Google and other search engines. I like to think of SEO with the analogy of a snake: Google slithers on the web look for content and figuring out what is the most relevant, but it can’t do it on its own, you need to help it. You can improve search engine optimization by making your content more visible to these search engines. There is no exception when it comes to video content; you need to make it visible to search engines so that they can put it in front of viewers.

Here are four tips on how to optimize videos for search engines:

First, make sure that you create videos that are informative, but not too salesly. If someone has visited your page, they’re already interested in what you do – they don’t need a “Buy Now!” video thrown into their face. They want videos that are educational and that will help them along with their buying journey.

Next, transcribe all of your videos that you put onto the internet. This helps Google and other search engines index your videos by giving them written keywords that they can search for. Further, some viewers may not want to listen to video with the sound on, so having a written copy of what the video is about is a great option for those viewers.

If you’re posting your videos on YouTube, there are some specific best practices to follow. First and foremost, use keywords in your video title and description so people know what your video is about. Also, tags are critical on YouTube videos because they offer an additional way to categorize your videos.

The final tip in how to optimize videos for search engines may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how often this is overlooked.

You need to try and make sure that your videos are getting shared across all social media channels and websites. If there is a video with hundreds and thousands of shares, Google is going to take notice of it. The all-powerful Google gods can see that your video has tons of shares and that’s a hint to them that it’s relevant. It could very well lead to your video being placed higher in searches.

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