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Case Study: Video on Home Pages – The Key to Creating Strong Brand Presence

December 7, 2016 in Marketing

Video on home pages is a critical way to create a strong brand presence. Learn more about how this can help your business!

Gone are the days where one could create a simple, text-only web page with HTML codes alone. Nowadays, web pages are becoming increasingly complex, with more advanced coding to generate a unique experience for each visitor. In order to be in the good graces of not only customers but also search engines, web pages need to be engaging and polished.

One hot trend in this cut-throat competition of customer engagement and search engine ranking has been the use of video on home pages.

A brand’s home page is the essence of who they are – it’s where folks go to find out more information about your products, history, and culture. Many companies are opting-out of the static home page and instead use this space to place a relevant video for visitors. For example, the home page for the presentation software, Prezi, provides visuals of people using their software and the efficiency that it creates for developing and giving presentations.

Still not convinced? Let’s go into some more reasons…

Video on home pages has numerous benefits for your company and your brand. Perhaps most importantly, people just like watching videos more than they like reading endless amounts of copy. People spend more than one-third of their time online watching videos! That equates to about 32.3 videos per month. Conversion rates increase when using videos on any type of platform!

Not only do people like video more, but so do search engines! Having a video on your homepage improves your site’s SEO and increases your chances of getting ranked higher on Google. As we discussed before, users like to see videos, which means they’re more likely to spend more time on your site. Google loves when people spend lots of time on a certain site; this indicates to them that people enjoy being there and that they should move it up in the rankings.

Best practices for video on home pages

  1. Make sure the content or overall story in your video is entertaining and fun to watch.
  2. Reduce that loading time as much as possible. Four-fifths of people will click out of a video if it pauses to buffer.
  3. There is no clear call to action for the viewer. At the end of your video, the viewer needs to know exactly what they should do in order to interact with your brand further. If there is no distinct CTA, your message will likely fall short.

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