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Case Study: Business Video Profile from Abby’s Aircraft Catering

October 21, 2016 in Case Studies

A business video profile from Abby’s Aircraft Catering by Video For Business on Vimeo.

Since 1980, Abby’s Aircraft Catering provides one-of-a-kind dining options for those at 40,000 feet. They serve both executive and commercial flights. Also, eAbby’s uses locally sourced and sustainable ingredients in all of their menu options. They value respect, dependability, and loyalty. These values come out clearly with every meal that they make for their customers.

Video for Business was hired to create a catering business video profile for Abby’s Aircraft Catering.

This video features live-action shots of just some of the meal options available. Also featured is the CEO of Abby’s Aircraft Catering, Greg den Herder. He introduces the business that he loves. He explains the history of Abby’s and why they are the best in aviation catering!

A business video profile shows visitors who you are and what your business does. These often involve an interview with the owner or CEO of your company to explain what makes your business successful and useful to your customers in the marketplace. Pre-production and shoot costs vary by project and client needs. These videos present an overview of your company, products, and services. They have live videos and an animated graphic intro. They play a big role in enhancing your Internet footprint and can be shared on websites, social media, in sales presentations, and webinars.

Video is one of the best ways to improve search engine optimization for your website! Search engines prefer well-placed videos on websites over sites that have endless amounts of copy. Too much copy ends up putting most visitors to sleep. Furthermore, videos allow you to use longer keyword phrases and to tag people to increase your reach. If people spend more time watching your videos, there is a good chance that your search engine ranking will go up!     

Watch the video to see how Abby’s Aircraft Catering delivers delicious food and great customer service. Interested in a catering business video profile? Or other video production services for your business? Learn more about video marketing in our blog! We update our blog with new topics every week!