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Case Study: A Content Marketing Strategy Needs Video for Success

January 23, 2017 in Marketing

The secret is out: video is a critical part of a content marketing strategy. Video is great for storytelling and connecting with your audience in a way that text cannot. Videos are versatile because you can edit and design them to fit a variety of needs for your business. However, you don’t have to create an entirely new video content strategy. You can incorporate video into your current content marketing efforts.

A great way to start is to look at previous blog posts and social media posts that already have great responses from your audience. Look at these topics and start coming up with ideas you can use as a video around this topic. Start by looking at any webinar registrations you may have had that gained a lot of attention. You can create videos from this content that will be engaging to viewers who didn’t get a chance to catch the webinar.

Another great way to use video in your content marketing strategy is to create video case studies. Video case studies that demonstrate your products or services. These videos give an introduction of your business to a potential audience. People may even share videos with others if they like it. 

But WHY do you need video in your content marketing strategy? What kind of benefits does video offer?

First of all, video converts better than any other form of content. According to recent research from Vidyard, 71% of marketers say that their video content does better than any other form of content. Use video to turn viewers into potential customers and then into customers.

Also, videos build trust with viewers. People can actually see your product being used or see the face of the CEO. With video, trust can be established that will increase the likelihood of a viewer becoming a customer. No text on a page can be as personal as a video can be.

Finally, the last reason why you need video in your content marketing strategy is simple: your competition is already using video! According to Eric Hinson from Explainify, 76% of marketers plan to use video to boost their brand awareness campaigns. Video is the future of content marketing. You need to get with the future or risk losing potential customers to your competition.

At Video for Business, we can help you create videos that showcase your business. They also align perfectly with your current content marketing strategy. From Facebook videos to company profile videos, we can customize a video that will showcase your business in the best light. We will work with you to create videos that are engaging and professional. Contact us today to get started!