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Case Study: Featured Services Motion Graphic Video from Gibbons Pools

September 28, 2016 in Case Studies

A featured services motion graphic video from Gibbons Pools by Video For Business on Vimeo.

Based in Long Island, New York, Gibbons Pools is a leader in innovative pool design. Founded in 1975, customer service is something that is of utmost importance to them.  It looks like it is working for them because 100% of their business comes from customer referrals. It’s no wonder why Gibbons customers rave about their professional work and high quality.

Video for Business created a featured services motion graphic video for Gibbons Pools.

By showing many snapshots of some of the amazing pools Gibbons creates, viewers can get a first-hand look at what it is like to own a Gibbons pool. Pool design, construction, and service are just some of the services that they provide for each customer. This video is a cheaper alternative to live, on-location video shoots. However, a featured services motion graphic video is still powerful! You can show your customers and potential customers everything about your services that make you great!

People love to watch videos to learn more about a product and how to use it. They also like to watch people share their experiences with a product and service. Video is now the main way that people get the information that they want. The 21st-century customer is more connected than ever before. With the continuing innovations in mobile, social media, and marketing automation, customers continue to expect individualized attention and communication. Video gives customers exactly what they expect and something they will always remember. 

Watch the video to see how Gibbons Pools total care philosophy stands out from the competition! Interested in a featured services motion graphic video? Or other video production services for your business? Learn more about video marketing in our blog! We update our blog with new topics every week!