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Case Study: Product Overview Video for HotSprings Spas by Video for Business

September 16, 2016 in Case Studies

A product overview video for HotSpringSpas by Video For Business on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for a spa that will relax you for years to come, look no further than HotSpring Spas. Not all spas are created equal and this is certainly true for HotSpring Spas. They strive to create innovative care systems while keeping the water hot and the operating costs low. With decades of experience and the best customer care, you can count the best spa ownership experience.

Video for Business created a live, on-location product overview video.

This video features Burton Pools and Spas as they talk about one of their favorite products, HotSpring Spas. Listen as Micah Larru, senior sales consultant for Burton Pools and Spas, explain why customers just love HotSpring Spas. For over two decades, they have featured their spas for two reasons: ease of use and the best hydromassage experience.

If your business specializes in projects or products with tangible results, a featured project or product video can help showcase the scale, function, use, and experience of your best projects. An architecture firm may choose to film their latest building and showcase its best features through an interview and b-roll footage, while a restaurant may decide to feature its new menu for promotion online.

People love to watch videos to learn more about a product and how to use it. Also, they like to watch people share their experiences with a product and service. Video is now the mainstream way that people get the information that they desire. The 21st-century customer is more connected than ever before. With the continuing innovations in mobile, social media, and marketing automation, customers continue to expect individualized attention and communication. Video gives customers exactly what they expect, all while leaving a memorable experience.

Watch the video to see how Hot Spring Spas can make your spa experience the best it can be! Interested in a product overview video? Or other video production services for your business? Learn more about video marketing in our blog! We update our blog with new topics every week!