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Case Study: Restaurant Company Profile Video from Abby’s Deli & Take Out

September 26, 2016 in Case Studies

A restaurant company profile video from Abby’s Deli & Take Out by Video For Business on Vimeo.

In 2008, a different kind of delicatessen came to the Houston, Texas area: Abby’s Deli & Take Out. Abby’s is a family owned deli with renowned and highly flavored food. Each and every employee is like family and their devoted service to each customer is apparent every day. Abby’s Deli & Take Out always creates quality and delicious food that holds up to food safety regulations and customer enjoyment.

Video for Business created a restaurant company profile video for Abby’s Deli & Take Out.

This video talks about some of the values that they hold. Viewers get a first-hand look at the creation of the delicious food and the care that employees put into every order. Yolanda Minix, retail manager at Abby’s, raves about her team and their passion for food that is shared by all. These kinds of videos play a big role in enhancing your Internet footprint. Also, you can share them on websites, social media, and in sales presentations!

If you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization on your website and content, video is one of the best ways to do so. Search engines prefer well-placed videos on websites over sites that have endless amounts of copy. Too much copy ends up putting most visitors to sleep. Furthermore, videos allow you to use longer keyword phrases and to tag people to expand your reach. If people spend more time watching your videos, there is a good chance that your search engine ranking will go up!  

Watch the video to see how Abby’s Deli & Take Out makes meals that will leave you feeling full and happy! Interested in a restaurant company profile video? Or other video production services for your business? Learn more about video marketing in our blog! We update our blog with new topics every week!