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Case Study: Video Marketing Analytics Can Give Your Marketing Strategy Power

January 26, 2017 in Marketing

Read our blog to learn how video marketing analytics gives your marketing strategy the power it needs! If your strategy is missing something, read more!

There’s no denying that video marketing is a critical part of your overall marketing strategy. Not only are people watching more videos, they’re doing so on a frequent basis. If you want some of this audience attention, you need to be putting videos out on a variety of channels that are customized for each channel. However, most marketers don’t know that most of the work with video marketing comes after it is published.

After you’ve published your video, you need to use video marketing analytics to see the real power of this integral part of your strategy.

Going beyond views and shares requires marketers to look at other analytics. They do this to measure the success of their videos in their marketing strategy. Here are some of those “other” analytics that you need to be looking at with each video that is published for your business.

  1. Engagement rate: This is defined the length of time people spend watching your video divided by the total length of the video. This lets you know if people really like your video and if it is capturing their attention. Videos with low engagement rates let you know that either the topic or format of the video wasn’t appealing.
  2. Devices used: In order to optimize your content, you need to know where people are watching your videos at. Are they viewing from their desktop or on their smartphone? This is key to deciding what kind of content you will make — people don’t like to watch long videos on their smartphone. However, if most of your audience watches your videos from their desktop, you can probably make them a little bit longer for them.
  3. Channels with the most traffic: If you post an equal number of videos on both Facebook and YouTube and most of your views and engagement are on Facebook. Shouldn’t you re-consider your YouTube channel? By measuring where your video traffic comes from, you can decide whether or not you should be posting frequently on that channel. Perhaps your video isn’t right for that channel and you just need to change the format? Tracking traffic channels allows you to have a deep knowledge of what your audience likes. You can use this information to adjust your video marketing strategy.

At Video for Business, we will work with you and your video marketing analytics to create videos.

We make videos that align perfectly with your overall marketing strategy. We can create customized videos that work for mobile devices, on one channel, or that are designed to increase engagement. Contact us today to set up a consultation and start using video to power up your marketing strategy!