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Case Study: Video Testimonial Benefits and How to Use Them for Your Business

January 9, 2017 in Marketing

The video testimonial benefits are rarely seen, but you can use them to improve your business’s reputation! Learn how to use video testimonials

It’s no secret that many potential customers do their research online before buying a product or service. Most people don’t like to blindly buy a product or service without knowing everything they can possibly know about it. This includes what other people thought of it! They shift through Amazon reviews or look at the Google rating for a business. Potential customers and shoppers listen to your former customers.

A great way to get positive reviews about your company online is to feature video testimonials on your website. What is a video testimonial, you ask? Well, a video testimonial is a recommendation from a recent satisfied customer. It explains why your business is great and why others should choose them. Not only is video extremely powerful {link to our previous blog}, but it can create numerous benefits and opportunities for your company.

However, most businesses still don’t understand the video testimonial benefits and how they can influence those customers that are on the fence about a company.

First and foremost, a video testimonial is a great way to get the most important information for customers at the top of your website. A lot of people don’t like to sift through tons of website content when they’re just looking for why they should use a particular business. Video testimonials are a great way to get the most important information to the eyes of those kinds of people.

Next, video testimonials can improve your credibility with viewers. Especially those that are a little weary of who you are and what you do. These videos put the evidence of quality right in front of the viewer and shows people who are just like them. It is a great way to demonstrate your company’s value.

One of the final video testimonial benefits is that they’re easily shareable. Almost 80% of people watch an online video every week! If video watchers see something that they like, it is very easy to share a video with one simple click of a button. On the other hand, copying copious amounts of text and pasting it onto their social media profiles is not as simple.

However, not all video testimonials are equal to others.

A potential customer and viewer can tell when the video testimonial is just a script. That’s why at Video for Business, we create these kinds of videos that are unscripted. We use natural interviews with former and current customers. This allows the testimonial giver to appeal to the audience in a more compelling way.

In order to reap video testimonial benefits, here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Don’t make it too sales Nothing is worse than trying to be sold something when you don’t even trust the company!
  2. Keep it short and try to aim for about one minute per video testimonial. Any longer than this and you risk losing your potential customers before they hear the real message.
  3. Make sure that the video is of high quality. Professional lighting and sound are critical to your company being perceived as legitimate.

At Video for Business, we have years of experience in high-quality quality video testimonials for our clients. Contact us today to start on your video project. Start seeing video testimonial benefits for your business!